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Which industries do we work with?

Automotive Agricultural & Machinery Industrial Furniture Rail EV Charging Solar Many others

A Global Supplier with Diverse Industry Expertise

JET PRESS stands as a leading supplier of Engineered Fasteners, Components, and Hardware, serving a wide array of industry sectors across the globe. Our commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to cater to customers in over 80 countries, demonstrating our capacity to meet diverse requirements on an international scale.

Our Specialised Industry Knowledge

Our engineering team possesses deep expertise and extensive experience across several key industries. This specialisation ensures we are well-equipped to address the unique requirements and challenges presented by each sector. The industries where we have a significant presence include:

  • Automotive: We provide bespoke fastening solutions for the automotive industry, accommodating the evolving demands of both traditional and innovative automotive technologies.

  • Industrial: Our products are extensively used in various industrial applications, encompassing manufacturing processes, assembly operations, and maintenance tasks.

  • Furniture: We offer a diverse selection of fasteners and fittings for the furniture industry, catering to both commercial and residential sectors.

  • Rail: The rail sector benefits from our robust and reliable fastening solutions, designed to meet the stringent demands of rail infrastructure and rolling stock.

  • EV Charging: As the EV market expands, we supply essential components for the development of EV charging infrastructure, supporting the advancement of sustainable transport solutions.

  • Solar: In the renewable energy sector, our products play a crucial role in the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems, aligning with our dedication to environmental sustainability.

  • Agricultural: Our range of fasteners and components is vital to the agricultural sector, offering solutions that enhance the durability and efficiency of farming equipment and infrastructure.

  • Machinery: We supply critical components for machinery across multiple industries, ensuring reliability, performance, and safety in demanding operational environments.

Versatility Across Industries

Beyond these focal areas, our adaptability and innovative approach enable us to serve a multitude of other sectors effectively. The versatility of our products and services allows us to meet the specialised needs of a broad spectrum of industries, showcasing our commitment to delivering solutions that fulfil our customers' unique requirements.

Comprehensive Support for Your Projects

Whether you require standard parts, hybrid components, or assistance with a custom project, our expert technical team is prepared to support you from design to manufacturing. We aim to ensure the delivery of high-quality components on time, facilitating the success of your projects.

Tailored Solutions Across Sectors

At JET PRESS, we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to navigate their specific challenges and provide bespoke solutions. Our wealth of experience across various industries positions us to offer comprehensive solutions that contribute to the success of your projects, regardless of the industry you operate in.